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Word Password Recovery Standard 8.2

Word Password Recovery is an easy and quick MS Word password recovery software
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If you have forgotten the password to a Word file, this program can help you recover it. This tool works only with documents created using Microsoft Word 97-2010.
To ease you work, the program is built in a system wizard pattern with all the functions at sight, giving you an opportunity to recover your password accurately. The home page greets you with two options, namely Document decryption and Recover the password. Unfortunately, the first feature is blocked in trial version. After selecting the second option, you will open a window with several features according to which the app will start searching. You have two main criteria for set-up. The first one, Brute-Force with Mask allows you to check several tips on search, while Brute-Force Attack provides preset functions which can't be changed. If the password has special characters which are not in current mode, you can bring a dictionary to help the app find the password.

Indeed, the program finds your lost password but it takes quite a long time till you get the result. I recommend using the program with the function Brute-Force with mask set and try to remember as many symbols as possible of your password - otherwise the process will take too long. I tried Brute-Force Attack and it took over 24 hours to find the password. An advantage of the program is that you can open multiple windows and try multiple choice, but it will consume your computer resources. Unfortunately, the program does not show an estimated time of the search process. In other words, you start searching the password, but you don't know when you get a result.

Amelia Wagner
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  • Intuitive app
  • Multiple search criteria


  • Long time search
  • No information related to estimated time
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